December 19, 2008

The Aftermath....enter "Tara's Craft Nook" at your own risk!!!!

Well, I thought I would share some pics of my very tiny and very messy craft room with you this evening! Well, It is so tiny it really doesn't qualify as a "room", more like, a little nook, cubby or closet. There is only enough room in there for one person, moi, and sometimes, my daughter, Hannah. She squeezes in when she wants to colour stamped images with me or make cards.

When we decided to finish the basement and make a rec room down there. Hubby wanted a little powder room (bathroom) down there too but I talked him into making a wee craft room for me.

My Dad is a carpenter so he made my counter and built-in storage underneath my work surface. The work surface is a 6 ft length of counter top from the Home Depot. Even though you can see the chair in the pic I usually stand, so, my Dad made the counter a little higher so that I can work comfortably standing and or sitting.

I have two metal message boards above my work surface that I stick up all kinds of things on it. They are looking rather messy right now!!! Sometimes, I colour an image or try something out that doesn't make it to a card but I can't bare to throw it out, so, I stick on the board. I also, put up pics of the kids and sketches that I print to follow along with for various challenge.

I have large rub-on words that go around like a border at the top of the room that say imagine, design, create, enjoy, inspire!

At both ends of the room, there's cabinets that we bought at Home Depot. They fit into a recessed area so they don't' take up too much room. It's almost like they are built -in cabinets.

This is my stash in the cabinet to my left!!!

Can you see my radio under the pile of paper,lol?! I can't work without my tunes!!! I always pile papers and stash on top of the radio.

This is my stash in the cabinet to my right.

This is the mess I have created making all my Christmas cards for the last several weeks. You can also see the storage that I have under my work surface. I have a permanent home for my crop luggage and a little area that I keep my QK bag with my QK binders in it but since I have been working on so many cards everything has just been strewn all over the place!!!

My 4 QK binders and my Scor-pal!

This is my fabulous new stamp storage called ScrapOnizer. I love, love, love this system for storing my stamps. I had my EZ mount stamps in my old Paper/Sticker Binder and they would slide out of the little pockets every time I turned the page looking for a stamp.I was so worried that I was going to lose a stamp that I had to find a better solution! When I saw this system at my LLS I knew it was perfect!

This is soooo much better!!! The cases are clear, so, I can see what I want before opening the case. The cases and the holders are "alterable" so, if you want to pretty them up, you can!!!! I think I may do that over the Christmas holidays!!!

I definitely need several more of theses fabulous sets!!! I just watched the video on the ScrapOnizer website and they also have 12X12 sets to organize and plan your scrapbooking layouts and cool mini-containers that fit into the cases to hold brads, eyelets, buttons, charms and other little do-dads. I think this system is the stampers dream storage and I especially love that it doesn't take up a lot of space which is perfect for me as I'm working in such tight quarters with limited storage space.

More FABULOUS ScrapOnizers!!!!

And when I open the door of my little craft nook this is what I see!!! Now, most of the time the kids make me keep my door closed cuz I am usually rockin' out to my tunes, he he he! But once in a while I open the door and "hang" with everyone watching TV or a movie.

Now, over the Christmas break, I plan to do some serious cleaning and organizing of my craft nook. It's a little embarrassing to see the state it is in now!!!!

I talked with hubby and told him I need another one of the end cabinets from Home Depot and suggested that we could put it in the rec room just outside the door of my nook. He agreed to it...yay!!! I hope to do that very soon!!!!

Well there is a little tour of my craft nook...thanks for stopping by and having a wee look!!!!


Martine said...

fab craft nook tara, ummm its actually allot more organized than mine at the minute hehe, i am trying to sort things out but its taking a while hehe


Kim said...

Tara seeing your nook makes me feel so much better! Mine is absolutely messy AND I have a super small space myself so I can totally relate to you!!! I thought I was the only one who had paper, markers, glue, and everything 360 degrees around me when I craft! hee hee!
Hugs~ Kim

Ila said...

Thanks so much for sharing photos of your craft area!! It looks far as the mess goes...mine is always a disaster...I love the system you have for storing your stamps...Thanks again.. for the link!!..Happy Holidays!!..Hugs, Ila

Jilli said...

I wish I had a little craft nook .... you're so lucky. I have to craft on my dining room table! Jillix

Kim Piggott said...

Tara thanks for sharing your room looks just super!
kim xxx

Sparkle and Flourish said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing. I loved seeing your little space! I have a dining room and I take up all the cabinets around it with my stash! Hope you find time in the hols to decorate your fab stamp storage! Looks really great!
Love Judy xx

Anki said...

It looks great! Thank you for sharing. Now I can tell my hubby that I do not have enough crafting accessories ;-)) Thank you for the great tip about the organizer. Loved it! Kram - Anki

Jennifer said...

COol to see you nook! Mine is a mess like this as well!

Bev said...

Tara believe me - your's is positively perfect compared to what mine looked like after my Christmas card marathon!!! I LOVE your stamps storage, oh how I would love to get my grubby mitts on those babies!!

hugs Bev x

Ali Watson said...

Fab craft nook Tara, lol mine is always a mess too. i unfortunately always have the floor covered to shame on me. love the storage off for a nosey thanks for the link.

Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Neat craft nook. Your desk looks exactly like my kitchen table. I don't have a craft room so I have taken over the entire dining area...haha. Won't get my own craft room until summer when we move into a bigger home. Thx for sharing. Hope you had a fab christmas.


Lori aka Lo Lo said...

Hi Tara,

Where did you get the fab metal message boards? I want them for when I get my own craft room.



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