March 24, 2008

Taking up the challenge!

My very talented friend, Angela, has challenged me to post 5 random things about me. Sounds like fun, So, here we go!
1. I was a heavy metal chick in high school. Seriously, I had it goin' on! the big hair with the blondish streaks, the very tight jeans and the requisite black leather jacket. But i was still a "girly" heavy metal chick, i had the jacket with the puffy gathered sleeves, lol!

2. I am a migraineur and have been for a very long time...20 + years. Still searching for that one thing that makes it all better.

3. I love Disney World and my favourite princess is Snow White. I think I kinda look like her and my maiden name is White...too funny!

4. I have been known to play webkinz games for my kids to earn them kinz kash...what a devoted mother, lol! (really i just love playing the games on the webkinz site...Goober's Lab is my fav!)

5. I love cooking shows!!!! I can tell you all kinds of interesting things related to the culinary arts, like, what a mother sauce is, how to chiffonade your coriander and what to do with a salamander....just one little glitch though, I don't actually cook, i just like to watch.

1 comment:

Angela said...

hey Tara =D
thanks for playing along. i was also a heavy metal chick in high school...but i was really hardcore.
cash cow is my favorite game...hee hee...yes i do it too!


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