October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat Tilda, Jack O'Lantern...Happy Halloween!!!!

I want to wish all my crafty friends, out there in the blogosphere, a very Happy Halloween!!!
My Husband, Chris, is a very talented artist and every year for as long as we have been together, we have always had a very creatively carved Jack O'Lanterns!!! If I remember correctly, our very first Halloween together (over 15 years ago) we had a, Calvin and Hobbs Jack O'Lantern and some other pumpkins that were a little more scary!!!
Then when we had kids, we had more kid friendly pumpkins!!! Our pumpkin is always very popular with all the kids on Halloween night. Many people ask how Chris carved the pumpkin and if he used a stencil (no) or where we bought it! They are always very impressed and very surprised when we tell them that he just draws a rough sketch on the pumpkin and then starts carving with an paring knife! Chris has carved pumpkins with various cartoon & Disney characters, like, The Berenstain Bears, Jasmine and The Genie and Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.
Well, this year I asked for a special pumpkin, just for me, and this is what Chris made for me....Tilda, all dressed up for Halloween, I just love it!!! I think Trick or Treat Tilda looks fabulous!!!!

Well, I hope you have a fun and safe time tonight trick or treating!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!!
Here are other pics of some of the pumpkins Chris has carved....Tinkerbell and Captain Hook!!!


Sparkle and Flourish said...

Wow! What a talented Hubbie. I can see why your house would be the highlight! They look amazing!
Judy x

CraftyC said...

Wow, he's very talented, I bet the kids just love it. Well done Chris!!!

Anki said...

He is very talented! You better lock your craftroom so that he doesn't start to secretly compete with you making cards ;-)) Happy Halloween - Anki

Tara said...

Fantastic pumpkins, does your hubby have unlimited talents or what? Great around the home, fab with the kids and now a talented artist to boot!!
You should ask him to create some sketches of cute whimsical characters and get them made into rubber stamps to sell, you'd make a fortune!!!
I'll be emailing you in a little while, have a great day!!
T xxxxxx

Leslie said...

Tara, what a fantastic pumpkin! I love the idea of carving out a Tilda on your Jack O'Lantern. Wow, you DH is pretty crafty. You are a blessed woman. I like your take on the challenges also. As always, incredible work and detail!
Have fun trick or treating!
Hugs, Leslie

Jeanette said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! Wow! You have to send that phot to Magnolia, I am sure they would love it! Hugs Jeanette

Sharon said...

Wow, these are fab Tara. You have a very talented husband!

Poppy said...

love the pumpkins, he's so clever.

bumblebee creations said...

Wowzee!! Wish we lived in your neighborhood!! A big hurrah to your husband! Very talented-guess you two have lots in common on that level!! : ) Happy halloween! rhonda

Chris said...

Happy Halloween Tara and I think your very own Tilda lantern is superb! Chris most certainly is very talented and I love the Captain Hook and Tinkerbell lanterns too. Have a great weekend. Chris x

Murielle said...

WoW....Splendid creations, !!!
You have very talented!
Hugs, Mumur

Sew This N That said...

**Hugs** Heather x

Bev said...

Wow these are fabulous Tara. My son is a pumpkin junkie too - this year he did Hulk for our Ben and Eyeore for our Amy. All clever stuff hey?

hugs Bev x

Becca said...

These are absolutely wonderful. Amazing craft. Love the Tilda how genius is that>


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