September 23, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Pool...Ya Game???

Edited scroll down!!! PIC OF PRIZE ADDED SCROLL DOWN!!!

Hey all you stampers, card makers, scrapbookers, crafters out there in the blogosphere!!!

Are you also a fan of the very popular tv show Dancing with the stars? Would you like to have a little fun while you watch season 7 with me? Well, I would like to run a "Dancing Pool" and would love for you to join in the fun!!!! So, are ya interested? Are you up for it?

Here is how it will work....Leave a comment on this posting before the Wednesday night elimination show (I think it is on at 8 pm). Pick who you think will be in the top three positions!

1st place is worth 15 points
2nd place is worth 10 points
3rd place is worth 5 points

I will tally what your points are and the person with the 30 points who picked all three places correctly, will be the winner!

Now usually with pools people pay a nominal fee to enter and then that money goes towards the prize. that would be too hard to do through the blogosphere. So, I may be able to scrounge up some blog candy for the winner of the pool but it is more just to have FUN!!!!!

Sound okay?


I have a very cute prize for the winner of the pool!!!! I will take a pic and post it soon. Well,Here it is!!! Is this cute or what!? I bet you wanna play along now!?

I thought, if we have a tie several ways then the person who posted their picks first will win the prize. Does that sound fair?
Also, my daughter Hannah asked if she can play along. So, she and I will post our picks but we will not be eligible for the prize.
So, be sure to watch tonight, then make your decision on who your think will end up in the top three and leave a comment here stating your picks!!!

Hope you will play along! If I only get a few people to enter I will still run the pool. But let your blogging friends know so that we can have some FUN with it!!!! The more the merrier!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Becca said...

okay I dont' know all of them yet. My faves are..of course....young couple....I love that guy he is Hanna Montana's beau on the show LOL>

Then I love Cheryl...she is amazing and I can't remember her partner.

Then I alos like the Kadashan girl..I think she has potential with her partner.

Poor guy with Edetta his eye looked painful.

I know she won't win but Cloris Leachman....she is full of spunk.

I loved the humour last night. My DD's ill with a tummy flu so I can't watch hooo...she is watching Kung Fu Panda.

Thanks for the fun...I will cetainly follow the show with you.

Take care,

Kraftin' Kimmie said...

Woohoooo! This sounds like fun Tara!! I am totally game!!

Okay, tonight I think the top three will be......
Lance and Lacey, Brooke and Derek and Rocco and Karina.

Oh and don't worry, I'll be thinking of you on Saturday!! But you are lucky enough to go to Stampingbella, so I don't feel too bad for ya!! I'm so jealous!! Heehee!

Tara Godfrey said...

Here are our picks for the pool...

Hannah's picks
1st place Cody Linley
2nd place Brooke Burke
3rd place Toni Braxton

Tara's picks
1st place Brooke Burke
2nd place Roco DiSpirito
3rd place Cody Linley

Hope you join the pool!!!!

Kraftin' Kimmie said...

Okay, obviously I didn't understand the question well!! I thought we were pickin' who the top three were each week and adding up the points at the end. Okay, I think I've got it now.

My picks for the winners in the end are:

1st: Brooke Burke
2nd: Lance Bass
3rd: Cody Linley


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