August 17, 2008

A Mini-Makeover...and a little venting!!!

When I first saw Kimmie's fantastic new blog background that she downloaded from The Cutest Blog on the Block I wanted to give my blog a mini-makeover too! It was definitely in need of a little sprucing up, smile! It took me a while to find just the right background but I really like the one I finally decided on. Unfortunately, it didn't really match my "homemade" blog banner. So, it was time for a banner update too! Well, with a little surfing, I found a great place to buy (very inexpensively) an easy peasy, pre-made digi blog banner kit at, there are a lot of great choices, so check it out!!!

I don't have a card to show you today, as, I have been working on scrapbooking stuff lately and just going through a bit of low-point in my stamping/cardmaking/blogging phase. Trying to decided what my priorities are; scrapbooking, stamping, blogging, or all of the above....trying to find that Life-Art balance and a sense of purpose to it all. I guess I am just feeling very frustrated and very disillusioned after a recent bad experience with an on-line order gone-wrong, with a stamp company, that I have been extremely loyal to. I have never received such poor, or should I say non-existent, customer service in my life...well, it was just a very frustrating experience that has made me think hard about where I place my loyalties and who I give my money to. The odd thing about this whole experience is I am still as addicted to the product...I just need to find a new dealer, lol!!!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my mini-makeover and listening to me vent, smile!!!


Angela said...

love the banner!!! and the background. i guess i know what i'm going to be working on for the
don't worry about the'll feel better soon. just don't let it last 9 months like i!

Becca said...

Sorry about your bad experience. If I can assist on a new dealer pls. e-mail me.

Becca said... up for a cardmaking event on Oct 4th? It is World Card Making Day and I can get a hall in the area. Please let me know.


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